What’s going on Northern Nevada?

Tomorrow March 2, 2012 is the American Heart Association’s 8th annual Go Red Luncheon

Every year the American Heart Association put’s on a Go Red Luncheon for women.  There are over a million women that have been affected by heart disease. Did you know that this is the main killer of women? There is at least one if not two women that you know that has been affected by this disease. 

At this luncheon, not only is it a wonderful way to learn about heart disease but how to prevent it from happening to you.  On hand at this luncheon they will have professionals there to help get a better understanding on ways for you to prevent this disease. It’s a wonderful luncheon, so come out and help support and great cause. 

Five Ways To Speak Up

SPEAK UP for yourself by talking with your doctor to design a personal action plan to better health. Go ›

SPEAK UP for others by supporting the Heart for Women Act that helps women who do not have insurance. Go ›

SPEAK UP by wearing red and donating on National Wear Red Day. Go ›

SPEAK UP by sharing your story of how you live a healthy lifestyle, or how you became a survivor. Go ›

SPEAK UP by simply talking about heart disease and Go Red For Women with your friends and family. Go ›

American Heart Association’s 8th annual Go Red for Women luncheon

Join us in your red for the 8th annual Go Red for Women luncheon! The theme of this year’s luncheon, “Who Has Time For A Little Heat Attack?” will serve as an educational platform that encourages women to become champions of heart health by taking the time to care for their hearts.

“This year’s keynote speaker, Karyn Buxman is a humorist and expert in therapeutic humor. Karyn shows people how to harness the power of thought and the spirit of humor. Through her years of research and experience, she has determined that humor and its powerful consequences offer benefits in the workplace that can serve as the catalyst for change and allow individuals to live more positive, productive and happier lives.

The luncheon generates funds for education and research while educating women on what they can do to live stronger, longer lives. Proceeds from the event will benefit heart disease research, educational materials and community programs for women and educational programs for health professionals and their patients. Tickets are available and can be purchased at the American Heart Association 775-322-7065.

 Guests are encouraged to wear red to show their support of Go Red f or Women.”


Here a link to the American Heart Association website



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