What’s going on Northern Nevada

What’s a good way to do volunteer work, be out in the community, and get a scholarship for doing it? It’s Miss Nevada. All this month different women will be chosen to represent their city and then one of them will go on to be Miss Nevada. As Miss Nevada, that young lady will have a chance to win Miss America, which is held in our wonderful state of Nevada in Las Vegas, in January.

No this not toddler and tiaras, I know what your thinking. These woman are amazing individuals, who show poise, passion, and talent. In order to be Miss Nevada, these young ladies must have a platform, a talent, and must be involved in the community. It’s not all about beauty, she must also be enrolled in college or graduate school.

Did you know that one our state assemblywoman Teresa Benitez-Thompson was Miss Nevada, she was the third runner up in Miss America. Julianna Erdesz won both Miss Nevada America and the next year Miss Nevada USA, making her the third only in this state to hold both titles. Most of all of these women go on to have very successful careers! I have been very bless to have worked and friends with Teresa, Julianna and many others.

I just went Miss Reno, Miss Sparks, Miss UNR and Miss Reno/Sparks Miss Washoe outstanding teen this afternoon. This is a great event and it supports so many wonderful charities in our community. These ladies are amazing and talented. Go support them!

Here the Miss Nevada mission statement from their website;

To support education, advocate community service, and provide young women with a forum in which to express their talents, intelligence, and opinions and viewpoints in culture, politics, platforms, and the community to audiences throughout Nevada and other parts of the United States;

To provide unique opportunities for young women and to empower them to win financial assistance in the nature of scholarship awards as a means of achieving their educational goals, and to create and maintain a system of competition which will enhance opportunities and produce role models representing positive and wholesome American values;

To encourage the spirit of volunteerism throughout the Miss Nevada Organization’s network of local pageants, titleholders, and to promote goodwill, civic, and economic benefits in the towns and cities which host the competitions leading to the Miss Nevada and Miss Nevada’s Outstanding Teen titles;

To use the Miss Nevada Organization as a vehicle for statewide awareness of the Miss America and Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Programs, fundraising opportunities for scholarships, and implementation of community service projects;

To support a statewide organization of volunteers who operate throughout the year, who contribute time, resources, and scholarship money to the Miss Nevada and Miss Nevada’s Outstanding Teen Programs in cities and towns throughout the state.

Here an link to their website: http://www.missnevada.org/Local_Pageants.html


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