Reno-Tahoe Open’s Birdies & Brushes

Last Wednesday night the Reno-Tahoe Open hosted Birdies & Brushes. This event took place at the Eldorado Hotel and Casino. This was a new event for the Reno-Tahoe Open, in years past they had Noodle This!, which had local celebrates serving pasta to the guest, in which the guest would tips them.

This year they had Michael Israel come and do his art work in front of a live audience, which the audience was able to bid on the art work. They also had a live and silence auction for this event. The event also honored the late Senator William Raggio. Senator Raggio was a big part of the Reno-Tahoe Open.

This event raised thousands of dollars in which it benefited the Reno-Tahoe Open Foundation and the Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum. The Reno-Open Foundation is one of the biggest contributors to all of the local charities in Northern Nevada.

The Art of Inspiration

“SportHaus presented Birdies & Brushes, an incredible art event that took place March 21, 2012 and featured the world renowned artist Michael Israel. Israel took the stage for one night only to perform his impassioned work in front of a live audience, including a special tribute piece to the late Senator Raggio. Six one-of-a-kind creations were crafted in front of the audience and then auctioned off with proceeds benefiting the Reno-Tahoe Open Foundation and the Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum. To bring the children’s benefit to light, guests also enjoyed the famous Eldorado cuisine with a kid twist, such as gourmet macaroni and cheese and pulled pork sliders. Over $60,000 was raised in a single evening off of painting sales alone.

If you missed your chance to see him in person, we encourage you to visit Michael Israel’s website or see some of the moving videos available on YouTube to learn more about his performances.

A special Thank You goes out to the event photographers for the evening, Fielding Fotography and High Sierra Imagery.”

Here’s a link to their Reno-Tahoe Open Website:


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