Hunting Egg’s for Easter

Need something fun for the kiddos for Easter and be able to help out a great cause, go to the Easter Eggstravaganza. How fun is this, the kids get to do something so fun and you get to give back to Children’s Cabinet. This wonderful event is held at the Hilliard Plaza at the University of Nevada Reno.

The Children’s Cabinet and Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity are putting on this fabulous event for the children and their family. This event is FREE!! It start at 10 on April 7, which on Saturday, which gives you a fun event to do the day before Easter. How fun is that?

“The Sigma Phi Epsilon (SigEp) Fraternity will pair up with The Children’s Cabinet for their annual Easter charity event on Saturday, April 7 at the Hilliard Plaza on the UNR campus.

The event is called Easter Eggstravaganza and is an event for children of all ages held by SigEp since  2002. It consists of Easter egg hunts, face-painting, prizes and a special appearance of SigEp’s very own Easter Bunny.

“It feels great to dismantle fraternity stereotypes by giving back to the community,” said Corey Veloz, the Vice President of Programming for SigEp. “We see more and more families coming back from previous years and they usually bring more people with them. It’s really gratifying to see we are doing something that our community values.”

The event will start at 10 a.m. Admission is free and all ages and family are welcome.”


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