It’s Glitter and Gold Time

Glitter, Glam and Gold, it’s that time again for the biggest gala in Northern Nevada, it’s the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation better know as JDRF Gala. It’s the most popular of Gala’s to go to. If you want to go to a Gala this is the one. Get your tickets for the April 28, 2012 Gold Gala.

In 2008, the Gala had everything from movie stars to puppies plus they raised a million dollar that night. The auction items were amazing, for example Michael Bolton was there and they had a famous song writer that would write a song for you or your love one and then Michael Bolton said he would sing it. There were many more auction items like that, that year.

This year JDRF is honoring Barrick Gold Northern America and Newmont Mining Corporation with Tim and Stacy Crowley serving as Gala Chairs. The theme since it’s mining is Gold. It will be a Glitter of a time! The VIP party will start in the Eldorado’s Bubinga and the Gold Gala will take place in the Reno Ballroom at 6:00pm. Let’s raise another million dollars and find a cure.

What is JDRF? “Diabetes (medically known as diabetes mellitus) is the name given to disorders in which the body has trouble regulating its blood glucose, or blood sugar, levels. There are two major types of diabetes: type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes, also called juvenile diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes, is a disorder of the body’s immune system — that is, its system for protecting itself from viruses, bacteria or any “foreign” substances. Type 1 diabetes diagnosed in adults over 30 may be Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults (LADA), sometimes known as Type 1.5 diabetes. LADA is often misdiagnosed as type 2 diabetes because of age; however people with LADA do not have insulin resistance like those with type 2. LADA is characterized by age, a lack of family history of type 2 diabetes, a gradual increase in insulin requirements, positive antibodies, and decreasing ability to make insulin as indicated by a low C-peptide. A fourth and very rare form of diabetes, called monogenic diabetes, is also sometimes mistaken for type 1 diabetes but typically strikes newborns.”
*This information came from

“Reno Ballroom ~ April 28, 2012 
This wonderful evening begins at 6:00
Purchase your Sponsorship, Tickets, make a Fund A Cure
donation, or donate a auction item online today. 
The JDRF Vision Gala has been referred to as the “IT Party of the Year”
by Reno Magazine, who called it “the one you absolutely don’t want
to miss!” and “perhaps the most important charitable evening of the year
in Northern Nevada.”  ”
* This information came from


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