Suits N Sneakers

On May 12, 2012 American Cancer Society will be putting on their fifth annual Suits N Sneakers Ball at the Peppermill Casino and Resort at 6:00pm.  The University of Nevada, Reno Men’s Basketball Coach David Carter will be hosting this event.Every one of us, has someone or knows someone that has cancer.  My grandmother and grandfather both died of cancer.  I have friends that are in their 20’s and 30’s fighting off cancer.  Cancer can hit anyone of us or our love one at any time.  Let not let it win, the more that we can raise the more research can be done.  We have come such a long way since my grandparents had cancer in late 80’s early 90’s.  I believe we will one day beat this disease.

Suits N Sneaker’s is very special to me.  This year is my first time to serve as the Auction Donation Chair.  I have been sending out letters, e-mails and calling everyone that I know to help out with this event!! Please come and help us find a way to beat cancer.  Let not let cancer take any more of our love ones.   

  Our University of Nevada, Reno Men’s Basketball and Cheerleaders will be on hand to help us raise money to beat cancer. If don’t have the money for a ticket or table, come and volunteer, it another way to give back.  Don’t miss this event.

 Here’s the website to get tickets:

 “The University of Nevada, Reno Men’s Basketball program has established a strong relationship with the American Cancer Society’s annual “Suits N Sneakers” Ball and Coaches vs. Cancer Golf Tournament. Coach David Carter will serve as the honorary chair for both events.

Continue reading on Coach David Carter and American Cancer Society team up to beat cancer – Reno Cancer |”


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