And the Winner Is???

And the winner is??? The Silver State!!! Say what? You’re all thinking was I watching the same pageant? Yep, I know Rhone Island won. So how was Nevada the winner? Well having it in own backyard is how we win!

I know that my blogs are about what’s happening in Northern Nevada but I’m taking us South. This we just had Miss USA here in Las Vegas last night at the Planthollywood I thought it would be fun to blog about it.

The tourism for these pageant is amazing. Do you know the these girls from all 50 states bring all of their family and friends to Las Vegas. Plus most of the former Miss USA state title holders come in to cheer the new girl and have reunions with the girls from their year. Talk about winning in the tourism for our State!

I was very lucky enough to have been invited to Miss USA two years ago. My best friend was Miss Nevada USA 2010. Sadly I was unable to attend because I was just starting my job with the Governor that Monday. But that same year Las Vegas was lucky to hold Miss Universe. 83 countries came into our State. Yet again we were a winner and that time I was able to go down to Las Vegas and represent our state for the Governor. That was an amazing experience!!

The history of Miss USA.

“Who would have thought that in 1952, a local “bathing beauty” competition spearheaded by Catalina Swimwear in Long Beach, CA would transform into an international annual tradition with countless young women around the world vying to become a part of Miss Universe history? As millions of fans have watched around the globe, the contest has evolved into a powerful, year-round,  international organization that advances and supports opportunities for these young women.

These women are savvy, goal-oriented and aware. The delegates who become part of the Miss Universe Organization display those characteristics in their everyday lives, both as individuals, who compete with hope of advancing their careers, personal and humanitarian goals, and as women who seek to improve the lives of others.”
This information was taken from the Miss USA website:


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