Did your Candidates win last Tuesday?

Last Tuesday was the primary elections today! The poll started at 7:00 am and close at 7:00pm. This was the day that you can exercise your right to vote and make a change. This is your chance to make a difference by picking you want to be in office.

Did your favorite candidate win last Tuesday? I know three of my friends lost their primary elections. In this blog I have listed the candidates that won and who the will be facing in the November elections.

Now from November is your chance to do the research and pick the right person to represent you in your city and District. Go and meet with the candidates. Pick their brains and tell them your concerns. You have five months to really get to know your candidate and to pick the right one. Make November count and go out and VOTE!

Washoe County 2012 Primary Election Results
• DEM – Democratic Party
• REP – Republican Party
• IA – Independent American Party

Ward 1
• Brekhus, Jenny
• Carter, Bernie

Ward 3
• Delgado, Oscar
• Young, Cliff J.

Ward 5
• Jardon, Neoma
• Jung, Kitty K.

• Schieve, Hillary
• Ward, David

U.S. Senator
• Berkley, Shelley (DEM)
• Heller, Dean (incumbent) (REP)

U.S. Representative, District 2
• Amodei, Mark (incumbent) (REP)
• Koepnick, Samuel (DEM)

State Senate, District 13
• Martin, Kathy (REP)
• Smith, Debbie (DEM)

State Senate, District 15
• Brower, Greg (REP)
• Leslie, Sheila (DEM)

State Assembly, District 24
• Bobzien, David (DEM)
• Waterman, Heidi (REP)

State Assembly, District 25
• Hickey, Pat (REP)

State Assembly, District 26
• Kirner, Randy (REP)
• Petzak, Rodney R. (DEM)

State Assembly, District 27
• Benitez-Thompson,Teresa (DEM)
• Larkin,Yvonne (REP) (withdrew before election)

State Assembly, District 30
• Lightfoot, Ken (REP)
• Sprinkle, Michael (DEM)

State Assembly, District 31
• Daly, Richard “Skip” (DEM)
• Espinosa, David (REP)

State Assembly, District 32
• Hansen, Ira (REP)

State Assembly, District 40
• Dunn, Rich (DEM)
• Livermore, Pete (REP)

Washoe County Commissioner – District 1
• Diss, Andrew (DEM)
• Kachurak, Skyler (DEM)
• Berkbigler, Marsha (REP)

Washoe County Commissioner – District 4
• Hartung, Vaughn (REP)
• Gutierrez, Jesse (REP)

This information can be on: http://renotahoe.about.com/od/votingelections/a/Primary-Election-2012-Results-Reno-Washoe-County-Nevada.htm

For more information about candidates and the November election please visit these websites: http://www.co.washoe.nv.us/voters/12OfficesUp.html
And Ross Mill, Secretary of State Website: http://nvsos.gov/index.aspx?page=1075


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