Miss Reno Rodeo is?

Well it’s rodeo week in Reno and what perfect way to talk about it in blogs. As you all know I grew up in a big city and knew nothing about rodeo. But after living here half my life I have learned about The Wildest Richest Rodeo, here in Northern Nevada.

Today blog, we are going to talk about Miss Redo Rodeo. This is not your regular beauty pageant. These girls work really hard for this pageant. It takes more then a pretty face to be Miss Reno Rodeo.

What does it take to be the next Miss Reno Rodeo? There’s horsemanship, written test, speech, commutation, appearance, personality and photogenic. This is no easy pageant. Once they win it’s even more work. But these girls love what they do and are very dedicated to the Rodeo. This year winner who was crowned on Friday night was Tara Bowlby.

When you go to the rodeo this and see these women don’t think oh another Beauty Queen, go other and congratulated them. They work just as hard as the bull riders if not harder.

“Miss Reno Rodeo
2013 Queen Pageant
June 5 – 8, 2012

Tuesday, June 5
Community events and sponsor visits
Judges reception and contestant orientation

Wednesday, June 6
Horsemanship Competition and interviews
KOLO TV interviews
Community events

Thursday, June 7
Personality interviews
Rodeo Luncheon
Impromptu speeches
Written exam-Rodeo knowledge
Community events

Friday, June 8
KBUL 98.1 FM / KOH 780 AM / Wild 102.9 and Magic 95 FM media interviews
Queen’s luncheon, modeling, speeches and Impromptu Coronation Dinner- Peppermill”

This information was found at the Reno Rodeo website: http://www.renorodeo.com/content/view/60/67/
Here’ s the website of all the rules and regulars for Miss Reno Rodeo:


Here’s the website about the 2013 Miss Reno Rodeo from rgj:


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