What Goes on into an Event or two

Check out my fun video “Making of Suits N Sneakers and Coaches vs. Cancer” http://animoto.com/play/rTDcylWpQVANvv1uJtl3XQ

What goes into an event or two?  Let’s just said a lot of hard work.  In 2009 I was very lucky to have been involved with the American Cancer Society.  It’s was actually one project that was for Bret’s BADM 720 class. He asked us to do volunteer work.  I picked Saint Mary’s and they put me with the American Cancer Society.  I would volunteer my time by going into the rooms of patients that were newly diagnosis with cancer.  I would talk about what the American Cancer Society had to offer them and help that they may need.

 When I received the job with the Governor, I was always in contact with Rachael and Misti. In fact I told Misty that I wanted to be more involved in 2011, in which she put me on the committee.  This was my last event for getting the Governor involved.  I had the Governor have his children decorating a pair of sneakers to auction off at the events.

 December 2011 Misti called me up and asked if I wanted to be Auction Donation Chair for Suits N Sneaks 2012, and of course I said yes.  We had meeting once a month, then every two weeks, and then in March every week.  I’m not going to lie it was hard working 50 hours a week, taking two graduate classes, being on other boards and committees and on top of that my mom got really sick. In April the doctors thought that my mom had lung cancer, for two weeks we lived with not knowing.  At the end of April, we found out that it was not cancer.  In which I only missed one meeting.

 It takes countless calls, mailing out over 500 letters, asking everyone you know and don’t know if they would like to donate.  I heard the word NO so many times that it wasn’t even funny.  Many night that I felt like I was letting the American Cancer Society down. I not only chaired the Auction items, I also helped with the VIP party.  We started putting this together on Thursday night with a last meeting and Friday night at 4:00pm we started setting up for the event.  We put together goodie bags, setting up games, moving tables around and unloading all stuff for the event like decorations, centerpieces, and all the auction items.  Saturday morning at 9:00am we were all back at it again.  I didn’t leave until 2:15pm and had to be back there for the UNR cheerleader practice at 3:30pm at Edge.  The VIP party started at 4:30pm which Brittany, Angie and I were on that committee.  The main event was at 6:00pm.  Suits N Sneakers didn’t get over under 10:30pm.  It was so worth it at the end.  Suits and Sneakers was very successful again!!

Not even two weeks later it was time for Coaches vs. Cancer.  Coach Carter hosted yet again another event for American Cancer Society.  This time it was a little less stressful then Suits N Sneakers.  Teams of fours enjoying playing at Redhawk on the Hills course.  This event took place on Thursday, May 31 at an early wake up call of 7:00am.  Yep we had to be at the course at 6:30am.  This was another successful event for the American Cancer Society


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